October 4, 2011

iPhone 4S, Siri Voice Assistant’s Awful Voice

What is the iPhone 4S feature needing the most improvement? Siri Voice Assistant’s awful voice.

Siri Voice Assistant was introduced as one of coolest features of iPhone 4S.

A big mistake!

Not only is Siri speech-recognition likely to have trouble understanding people, Siri’s awful text-to-speech voice is a big turnoff. Imagine having to listen to Siri’s voice over and over.

Check Siri’s voice in Apple’s iPhone 4S video at

(If you are having trouble playing the video, play this URL for iPhone 4S video in Quicktime)

If Apple did want to offer this Voice Assistant, they should have at least given it a better voice.

As a comparison, check Siri vs Google TTS. Google sounds better than Siri but still not natural.

Regardless of Siri, the iPhone 4S has solid improvements over iPhone 4 and it will be one of the best selling phones.

And if you are wondering - the best feature of iPhone 4S, its improved camera.