October 19, 2011

Online Virus Removal Services

Is your PC infected with a virus or malware? Check these steps and online virus removal services to clean your PC and speed it up.

Viruses, blocking viruses with antivirus software and virus removal after an infection are all lucrative businesses and keep a lot of people busy.

Viruses or malware typically enters your PC via your browser (when you visit a website), via email attachments or via usb and dvd’s.

Antivirus software on your PC, traditionally, has been the first line of defense to block viruses. Antivirus software such as Norton, Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, Eset, AVG and others helps protect your PC. But, some antivirus software have annoying behaviour, such as McAfee, and they can slow your PC down, such as rtvscan from Symantec.

Here is how you deal with viruses and malware.

First, a simple way to keep your PC fast and clean, for free. Using the simple steps outlined, you can clean an infected PC and keep your PC protected from viruses, malware on your own. There is no software to buy and you are not signed up for any recurring payments.

If you prefer more help, then check some of these online virus removal services. For a fee, a technician will access your PC remotely and remove any virus or malware and then may subscribe you to an ongoing service with recurring payments.

Some of the services operate under multiple names to attract customers.

AOL TechGuru    $130

iYogi    $170
SupportDock from iYogi    $170
KillSlow from iYogi    $170