October 4, 2011

Problem Watching iPhone 4S Videos at Apple’s Website

Today’s iPhone 4S launch had several technical difficulties. Add problem watching iPhone 4S videos at Apple’s website to the list.

First, Apple website was blocked for users.

Then, once the website was unblocked, there was a problem watching the videos on the iPhone webpage – both the iPhone 4S and iCloud videos.

The videos would stall while playing in Quicktime 7.7. And stall again and again, waiting for more download. This is while watching over a fast Internet connection.

The problem persists even now on Apple’s website.

Compare this to the smooth delivery of videos at Apple Trailers.

Apple should have avoided these rookie mistakes for the iPhone 4S launch. Hopefully, these videos were not hosted on Apple’s iCloud and Apple iCloud is built to scale up.

To view the above videos smoothly, copy and paste the iPhone 4S video URL and iCloud video URL in Quicktime player, allow it to download fully and then watch.