October 16, 2011

Skype Slows Down Computer, How to Fix It

Is your computer running really slow? Has your fast Internet become really slow? If you have Microsoft’s Skype installed that may be the cause for both, as Skype slows down computer. Here is how to fix it -

Skype’s peer-to-peer protocol uses your computer and other computers running skype to provide the skype service to all. As part of the protocol, skype detects users with high-bandwidth Internet connections, and then uses those computers as supernodes within the skype network. These supernodes do extra work than others and carry skype traffic for the rest of the users.

So if you have a fast Internet connection (fiber, cable, fast DSL), skype may be designating your computer as a supernode and your computer may be routing skype traffic (phone calls, video calls etc) for a lot of other users. This will cause your computer to run slow and your Internet connection to become slow.

How to Fix it?
It is not enough to close the skype window when you are not using it, as skype will continue to run in the background and use up your bandwidth.

The only solution to fix it is to quit skype completely after each use i.e.

  1. Right-click Skype icon in the system-tray and click Quit
  2. Or (for PC’s), in the task manager, kill skype.exe process

Once skype is disabled as above, your computer and Internet connection should be fast again.