November 15, 2011

Accept Payments For Lowest Fees With Dwolla, Square

Accept payments for lowest fees with Dwolla and Square.

For business payments or personal payments, your typical choices to accept payments are credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, ACH, wire transfer etc. But, if you are frustrated by the high fees per transaction, complex fee structures and payment process then take a look at these two new payment services.

Dwolla and Square payment services provide new approaches to accept payments at low fees anywhere. For the person paying – it is the ease of use, speed (to make payments) and no fees. For the person accepting payments, the biggest attraction is the low fees with these services.

With Square, you can accept credit card payments for a flat fee of 2.75%. Square makes it really easy for both payer and payee to complete the transaction; Square works with iOS and Android devices.

Dwolla goes a step further than Square to lower transaction fees – Dwolla is like online cash.

With Dwolla, you can accept payments for a flat fee of $0.25, the lowest fee of any payment service. Dwolla processes funds directly from the bank accounts – no credit cards, debit cards or PayPal are required – it is like online cash. Dwolla is the lowest fee alternative to credit cards and PayPal payments. Dwolla can also be used on iOS, Android and WP8 devices and includes gps-enabled payments.

Dwolla and Square are currently only available in the US.

Other online payment services include GoPayment and PayAnywhere