November 12, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire First Day: 17k Apps, 17m Songs, 100k Movies-TV Shows

Amazon Kindle Fire first day: 17k apps, 17m songs, 100k movies-TV shows, and lots of books.

Amazon Kindle Fire is available on Nov 15. It has a rich selection of apps, books, songs, movies, TV shows and magazines available for users including NetFlix and Hulu, which will provide a larger set of movies and TV shows for the Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s Android Appstore has grown from 3k apps in March to about 17k around Nov 15.

The largest categories in the Amazon Appstore currently
  • Games – 3,732
  • Books & Comics – 2,662
  • Education – 1,341
  • Utilities – 1,101
  • Reference – 1,048