November 8, 2011

Blogger Stone-Age Limits: 5000 Labels, 1 GB Photos, 1 MB Post Size

Blogger’s stone-age limits: 5000 Labels, 1 GB Photos, 1 MB Post Size …

If you use Blogger actively, you are likely to have run into the “A blog may have at most 5000 labels” limit – a tiny amount for an active blog. Your impractical choices
  • Stop adding labels to new posts, which will result in the post not being found
  • Find, select and delete labels from old posts, which will impact both the old and new posts

On the one hand Google Blogger says that you can have unlimited posts in a blog, but then restricts it by allowing only 5000 labels across the entire blog – a ridiculously tiny number that discourages usage. For active use, Blogger needs to modernize and either put much higher limits or no limits at all.

Per Google’s Gatsby, the Blogger label limit was increased from 2000 to 5000 in 2009. It has stayed there since.

Here are the other limits for Blogger (and this page does not seem to have been updated in quite a while)

Number of Blogs    100 blogs per account
Number of Posts    Unlimited
Post Size    Not specified
Page Size    1 MB
Photo Limits    1 GB

You can avoid the blogger photo limits by uploading photos that are 800px800p or smaller.