November 22, 2011

Free Stanford Classes Online, CS to Entrepreneurship

After the phenomenal success of Stanford’s AI-Class, the floodgates are opening. Starting January 2012, there are more free Stanford classes online, from CS to Entrepreneurship.


Launchpad-Class    by Steve Blank    Feb 2012    How to Launch a Startup           

Venture-Class    by Chuck Eesley    Jan 2012    How to Create a Successful Startup

Computer Science

CS101-Class    by Nick Parlante    Feb 2012    Intro to Computer Science

Algo-Class    by Tim Roughgarden    Jan 2012    Design and Analysis of Algorithms   

SAAS-Class    by Armando Fox  David Patterson    Feb 2012    Software as a Service

HCI-Class    by Scott Klemmer    Jan 2012    Human-Computer Interaction

Jan2012-ML-Class    by Andrew Ng    Jan 2012    Machine Learning

NLP-Class    by Dan Jurafsky  Christopher Manning    Jan 2012    Natural Language Processing

Game-Theory-Class    by Matthew Jackson  Yoav Shoham    Jan 2012    Game Theory

PGM-Class    by Daphne Koller    Jan 2012    Probabilistic Graphical Models

Crypto-Class    by Dan Boneh    Jan 2012    Cryptography

Civil Engineering

GreenBuilding-Class    by Martin Fischer    Jan 2012    Green Buildings

Electrical Engineering

InfoTheory-Class    by Tsachy Weissman    Mar 2012    Operations on Data


Anatomy-Class    by Sakti Srivastava    Introductory Anatomy