November 3, 2011

Giftly, Give Gift Card For Any Business

Planning on giving someone a gift card to a favorite business? With Giftly, you can give a gift card for any business.

Gift cards are a popular gift item and gift cards are available for many major brands – Amazon, Nordstrom, Macys, iTunes, AMC etc. You can get the gift cards at Safeway, which owns BlackHawk Network the largest prepaid gift card network, or from other locations.

But what if you wanted to give a prepaid gift card to another business? Giftly enables you to send a location-enabled gift card for any business. The process –

  1. You buy a gift card; your credit card is charged
    the gift card can be used at 3 venues designated by you.

  2. You share a link to the gift card via email, Facebook etc

  1. You received a Giftly gift card
  2. At the designated store, you check the gift card link on your smartphone or iPad with location on.
  3. Giftly checks your location to confirm that you are at the designated store
  4. You pay the store with your credit card.
  5. Giftly transfers the gift card funds to your credit card.

Or, if all this seems too complicated

You can just send funds to the recipient (cash, check, paypal, wire etc) and let them use it wherever they choose to.

Giftly a good concept but a complicated execution.