November 6, 2011

How to Disable McAfee VirusScan Plus and Its Auto-Renewal

McAfee an Intel subsidiary provides the McAfee antivirus software for PC’s. Keep reading to find how to disable McAfee VirusScan Plus and its auto-renewal and for an alternative to McAfee that will keep your PC protected for free.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 is available and if you have bought McAfee in the past, you will get auto-renewed to the new version and your credit card will get charged.

If McAfee VirusScan has been annoying you by slowing your PC down, with constant McAfee update messages and with recurring charges on your credit card, here is how to disable McAfee VirusScan Plus and its auto-renewal.

First, Turn Off McAfee Auto-Renewals otherwise your credit card will get charged on a recurring basis.

Login to your McAfee account

Go to My Account > My Auto-Renewal Settings

 Turn Off Auto-Renewal

Next, Turn Off McAfee Auto-Updates, a big factor in slowing your PC down.

In your McAfee Window at top right,

Navigation > Automatic Updates … Turn Off
However, even with this, you will still get the annoying McAfee update message popups and there does not seem to be any way to disable these other than removing McAfee from your PC. If you are not ok with the annoying pop-ups then, the final step

Remove McAfee from your PC

Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove McAfee

Removing McAfee will be a big help in making your PC run faster.

Alternative to McAfee AntiVirus
Follow the steps at How to Keep PC Fast and Clean to protect your PC for free.