November 7, 2011

How to Get Your Story on TechMeme

TechMeme revealed or how to get your story on TechMeme per Gabe Rivera TechMeme’s founder.

- Break a major story.
- Report/summarize/write up a big, developing story. Be early, or better: first (mindful that this doesn't trump other considerations).
- Got a press release or non-exclusive briefing? Write the very best take. Highlight what's important, what's fascinating. Be lucid and critical.
- Make sure your headline is clear and contains all major details (proper names, dollar amounts, dates, etc.) If you're posting on Google+, make sure the first line of your post functions as a headline.
- Link generously to stories on other sites to establish context and cite sources. Sometimes including a Techmeme permalink is the best way to do this. (Self-serving but true!)
- Articulate something lots of people are thinking, but not putting into words.
And more …

The full lists at the TechMeme link above.