November 2, 2011

Is Siri’s Honeymoon Ending?

Is Siri’s honeymoon ending?

Siri has captured the imagination of all – an automated assistant that will understand you and help you anytime. It shows that there is a need for such a product.

After glowing reviews earlier and users extrapolating all kinds of uses for Siri, people are finding that Siri doesn’t work – a lot.

Siri’s honeymoon period may be ending, for example, Jordan Crook at TechCrunch.
Siri misunderstands me all the time. Maybe I mumble, or maybe it’s because I’m talking to her like I would talk to any human personal assistant. (That is, if I were ever powerful enough to have one.) But that’s what Apple promised right? Forstall said in the demo that it’s not about the words, it’s about the meaning. I should be able to ask about the weather in whatever way I’d like, but the more creative I get, the less intuitive Siri becomes. When asked, “Should an umbrella be a part of my outfit today?” Siri responded by saying, “Call Amanda Algiere paramountcy today.”
After the honeymoon period, Siri is now entering the real-world usage.

A few tips on when to use Siri.

Everyone wants Siri to succeed but it has some fundamental technological limitations – it uses imperfect voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies and a rudimentary AI – the input, output and thinking parts of Siri. These are the parts which are the most difficult to improve.

Then there is Siri’s execution of tasks – Siri is integrated with only a few apps, so it can perform only a few basic tasks as shown in this Siri ad – this part can definitely improve over time