November 13, 2011

Logitech Alert and Dropbox, Made for Each Other?

Logitech Alert and Dropbox, made for each other?

Logitech Alert Dropbox Storage Pricing

Logitech Alert is a simple service to add video security for your home, on your own. You can see your home live over the Internet and record security videos. It is a perfect replacement for DIY CCTV video security for home.

A limitation of Logitech Alert has been that only short video clips can be recorded instead of 24/7 recording - the video clips are recorded on events such as motion-detect; they are first recorded to the camera’s SD card and then uploaded to your PC.

Dropbox for Logitech Alert would have been a perfect solution for this – making it possible to record security videos 24/7 in real-time. But, no 24/7 recording for Logitech Alert yet.

Dropbox support for Logitech Alert only enables you to backup your short security video clips to the cloud. So instead of the previous

* RECORD security video to  camera’s microSD card
* UPLOAD from Camera to your PC

It is now

* RECORD security video to camera’s microSD card
* UPLOAD from Camera to your PC
* UPLOAD from PC to Dropbox

A little disappointing in that the videos still cannot be recorded 24/7 but, still an improvement from before. Now, for a monthly fee, your security videos will get archived on your PC and Dropbox’s cloud storage (pricing shown above).

Alternatives to Logitech Alert include DropCam service.