November 14, 2011

Siri vs Google Search

Siri vs Google search per Henry Blodget at Business Insider.

Unless you are walking or driving at the exact moment that you conduct your search, it is much easier to punch a few characters into the search window and then look at a full page of results than it is to try to verbally ask your phone to conduct the search for you.

  • For many people, it actually takes more effort to speak clearly and precisely than it does to type a few characters.
  • To get Siri to work properly, you have to spend time thinking of what and how to ask--more time than it takes to type a few characters into Google Instant
  • Siri often doesn't understand exactly what you want, which leads to immediate frustration in a way that using Google does not
  • Any time you are in the presence of other people--in the office, on a train, on the street, in a restaurant, at a meal--talking to your phone is rude, inappropriate, or alienating in a way that typing a few keys is not
Siri is no replacement for Google Search – now or in the future.

Voice interfaces (and Siri) will have new uses and it will fit a few uses well but one of those uses is not a general-purpose search. The core reason – the information bitrate of a voice interface is too low.