November 10, 2011

Starbucks Will Offer Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Good or Awesome?

Starbucks will offer fruit and vegetable juice, Good or Awesome?

Fresh Beet, Strawberry, Watermelon juice

Starbucks bought Evolution Fresh and will start offering fruit and vegetable juice. But if you think this will be fresh juice, freshly squeezed in front of you, you’d be wrong. Per WSJ
Evolution Fresh, started by the founder of Naked Juice, is a line of fresh fruit and vegetable juices made using a process called high pressure pasteurization, in which the juice isn't heated, thus helping it retain the nutrients and flavors. The company peels, presses and squeezes the produce itself rather than using pureed or powdered fruits and vegetables. The brand, which will not feature the Starbucks logo, is currently carried in Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco and Trader Joe's stores on the West Coast. Starbucks plans to broaden distribution of the juice into other supermarkets and to begin carrying them in Starbucks stores starting next year.
And this is what you’ll get - a 24-hour old fresh juice packaged in a bottle. It is said that fresh juice’s nutrition is best within 10 minutes of being squeezed.

Starbucks, Evolution Essential Greens Juice

Starbucks Juice could be “awesome” by being just prepared, instead with the 24-hour old fresh juice, it will be merely “good”.

Jamba Juice does offer fresh juice but the options are limited to carrot, orange and wheatgrass. They are also diversifying in the unhealthy direction by offering, Jamba Energy, a line of caffienated energy drinks.

If you’d like truly fresh juices of all kinds, make it yourself with a juicer such as Breville Juice Fountain. Use your imagination and taste buds to prepare mixes of green vegetables, leafy vegetables, colorful vegetables and all kinds of fruits.

Just prepared fresh juice - simple, healthy and the best.