November 11, 2011

Virident vs Fusion-IO, Fastest SSD For Servers

How do you get the fastest performance from a server?  Replace disk drives with SSD’s. A comparison of Virident vs Fusion-IO, the fastest SSD for servers.

Virident FlashMax server SSD card

Fusion-IO ioDrive2 and Virident FlashMax are, currently, the fastest SSD cards for servers with the highest capacity. An earlier Fusion-IO ioDrive2 review discussed the features of that card.

Fusion-IO ioDrive2 server SSD card

Each company offers multiple versions of the card – with different capacity, built using SLC or MLC flash chips etc. The fastest versions of each card are compared below. The Fusion-IO ioDrive Octal is added as a reference.

Virident vs Fusion-IO

Other options for fastest PCI Express SSD’s include OCZ Z-drive, Micron and Texas Memory RamSan.

Server SSD Prices
All of the SSD cards are expensive. For example, the Virident FlashMax cards start at a list of $13,000.