November 30, 2011

When Blogger Fails, Blogger’s Inscrutable Errors

When Blogger fails, you get Blogger’s inscrutable errors.

Blogger 503 Error

Yesterday, Nov-29-2011, Blogger failed.

  • You could not sign in to Blogger – displays a Blogger 503 error.
  • Blogger pages were not displayed; instead various error pages were displayed
  • The Blogger pages that were displayed were very slow.
This continued for quite some time.

However, there was no mention of this event on the Blogger Status page, which has not been updated since August 2011.

Blogger does keep the downtime interesting by displaying a series of inscrutable messages, which give exactly “zero” information to the user. And none of the links in the error messages have any information. A visual timeline of Blogger errors is below.

Blogger bX-xgib01 Error

Blogger bX-b5kf2b Error

Blogger bX-damto0 Error

Blogger bX-77npso Error

Blogger bX-d9r8et Error