November 1, 2011

Who Are the Biggest Commodity Traders? Trading Crude Oil to Grain

Who are the biggest Commodity Traders? Trading crude oil to grain.

With the recent bankruptcy of MF Global, a large broker of commodities and derivatives, a quick look at the biggest traders who control the world’s commodities.

Vitol, the biggest energy trader trading crude oil, natural gas, coal, ethanol and sugar.

Glencore, a diverse trader trading metals, minerals, crude oil, coal to agricultural products such as wheat and cotton.

Cargill, who specializes in trading agricultural products such as animal feed, grains, cotton, sugar and more.

Koch Industries, trading crude oil, minerals, fertilizers, forest products and more.

Trafigura, an energy trader trading oil, byproducts of oil, coal, metals and more.

Gunvor, ADM, Noble, Mercuria and Bunge complete the list.

Telegraphs’ Top Ten Oil and Commodity Traders and Reuters Trillion Dollar Club share more information about the biggest commodity traders.