November 9, 2011

Wim Hof and Cold, Honey Badger and Pain

Wim Hof and cold, Honey Badger and pain – what is common here?

Immense tolerance.

Wim Hof has immense tolerance to cold; Honey Badger has immense tolerance to pain.

Wim Hof, the “iceman” can withstand extreme cold temperatures. In the photo above, he is having an ice drink while standing in icy waters in the making of a Columbia sportswear commercial.

And in the video below, he is swimming in icy waters north of the Arctic Circle in his shorts while others are covered in their Omni-Heat Electric jackets

Similarly, the Honey Badger can withstand extreme pain. It is named as the most fearless animal on earth. In this classic Honey Badger video, it is getting stung by bees and bitten by snakes but it does not care.