December 1, 2011

Amazing Dwolla Payments, Zero Fees for Sub $10 Payments

Amazing Dwolla payments, zero fees for sub $10 payments.

Dwolla online payments network keeps setting new standards for online payments. Now, it has no fees for small payments (below $10) and only $0.25 for transactions above $10.

Amazing! This will enable small transactions everywhere, in a big way.

Per Dwolla, this will help 
  • Coffee Shops – Getting that $2.15 coffee or cookie will actually fetch you $2.15 now
  • Food Trucks. Lets get the first ones on board!
  • Micropayment platforms – Want to get paid $1 for an upgrade or virtual good inside your app? Just build the Dwolla into your code.
  • Paywalls – Hey, they’re working for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Newsday. Why can’t you get compensated fairly for your content? (Hint: Checkout our express payment method to make it easy for your readers)
  • Developers – If you’re building something awesome and want that 5 cents via facilitator for your services, have at it.
In a Square vs Dwolla comparison, Dwolla is pulling ahead. While their approaches are different, Square transacts via credit cards; Dwolla transacts via bank accounts, they both serve the same need – how do you accept payments from others for the lowest fee.

Dwolla promises even more goodness on December 15. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store.