December 23, 2011

Apple First Quarter Earnings 2012, Biggest Blowout Expected

Apple first quarter earnings 2012, biggest blowout expected. A super bullish forecast for Apple’s fiscal Q1-2012 quarter.

Just as the bearish sentiment in Apple hits a cyclical peak, the company is about to deliver the biggest earnings blowout in the history of the world. We’re talking about the mother of all earnings blowouts. Well maybe not that big, but certainly the largest blowout in company history without question.
Bullish Cross Research expects Apple to report $11.75 in EPS on $42 billion in revenue in fiscal Q1, which compares to the Wall Street consensus estimates of $9.79 in EPS on $38 billion in revenue. The Bullish Cross outlook, if proven accurate, will amount to Apple reporting the largest revenue and earnings blowout in the history of the company.
A once in a decade type earnings blowout from Apple.
The biggest contributor to the earnings blowout is expected to be 32-40 million iPhones sold in the current quarter.

Now the wait till Jan-2012 to see the actual numbers from Apple.

As a reference, Apple’s own forecast is for revenue of $37 billion and earnings per share of about $9.30.

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