December 9, 2011

Energy Future Per Exxon, 2040

Energy future per Exxon in its A View to 2040 report.
Energy Demand by 2040

Exxon’s forecast on how the energy supply and demand will change by 2040

  • Energy demand will grow 30%
    demand growth will be limited to 30% due to improved efficiencies
  • Electricity will supply 40% of the energy demand
  • Oil, natural gas and coal will remain the top three fuel
  • Natural Gas demand will grow 60%
  • Coal market share will start declining
  • Shale gas (and similar rock formation gas) will provide 30% of gas supply by 2040
  • World population will grow to 9 billion

Energy Supply by 2040

Renewables will provide only a tiny portion of the overall demand; biomass/waste energy will be significant contributors

Fuels used for Electricity