December 7, 2011

Gillian Chase’s iPhone 4S Music Video, Awesome Quality!

Gillian Chase’s iPhone 4S music video, Awesome quality!

The entire video was shot by Camp 4 Collective using iPhone 4S’s video camera. The camera with better optics, 1080p-HD video is one of the best features of the iPhone 4S and you can sample the iPhone 4S video quality below.


The video was produced by Camp 4 Collective. Per Tim Kemple (via National Geographic Adventure)
It was a fun project we did in a couple afternoons after work. Everyone we knew was talking about these new fancy cameras from RED and Canon, and we were excited for them, too. But that got me thinking ... I wonder what this thing in my pocket can do? It was also a way for us to get out of the studio and come together to make something creative.
The first digital video cameras we took with us into the mountains four years ago—to Pakistan—were shooting lower resolution and weighed significantly more than the iPhone 4S. But even bigger than that, to me, is the idea that you can always have this camera with you—no set up, no setting down your backpack.
It is interesting that in a RED Epic vs iPhone 4S camera option, the choice clearly is to use the iPhone 4S’s camera … because it is always there.

Tim also provides tips on how to use iPhone 4S camera most effectively.