December 9, 2011

How to Find All Pages at a Website

Sometimes you may be looking for all pages on a website, here is how to find all pages at a website.
Option 1
Perform a Google search as below

Note: there is no space after the “:”
The example given is for SimpleRNA

If needed, repeat the search with omitted results.

You can use Google’s advanced operators to perform other types of searches.

Option 2
Enter your URL at xml-sitemaps, a nice tool to generate a site map.

After the crawling is complete, download the “html” or “text” file for your use.
The html file is really useful as it contains links to all the pages at that URL

Option 3
Download a link checker tool such as LinkChecker or Xenu

Enter your URL in the tool and run it to find all links at that website.

Option 4
BackStreet Browser can download all of a website or portions of it, so you can view it locally.