December 30, 2011

Thiel Fellowship: Under 20, Great Idea? Then Skip School

Thiel Fellowship: Under 20 and have a great idea? Then skip school.

It is the time of the year when high school students are applying to colleges. Thiel fellowship is showing an alternative to going to college.

The fellowship funds the youngest entrepreneurs and helps get them started. Here is where you can apply

Per Thiel Fellowship website 
A radical re-thinking of what it takes to succeed, the Thiel Fellowship encourages lifelong learning and independent thought. With $100,000 and 2 years free to pursue their dreams, Thiel Fellows are changing the world one entrepreneurial venture at a time.
The fellowship discusses the high cost of higher education and their advice to college bound students – don’t go, fulfill your dreams now.

Remember the fellowship statement has an and
Under 20 and have a great idea.
If you haven’t figured out that great idea yet, do continue with your education until you figure out that great idea (And if you have figured out that great idea, you probably don’t need this fellowship to get started).

If there is an age limit for these grants, it should be under 18. At 18 most students have already committed to going to college.

For those who truly want to learn - Stanford is showing an alternate route to learning with Stanford’s free online classes.

Contrast all of these with the traditional route to higher education where Universities are advertising actively to get students, from MIT to online Universities.

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