December 1, 2011

Try Windows Phone In Your Browser: Warning, Bad UI Ahead

You can now try Windows Phone in your browser – iPhone, Android and Chrome. 

The demo does not work on Safari, Firefox on desktop.

Kudos to Microsoft to allow users to sample a Windows Phone.

With this demo you’ll find that the Windows Phone UI is BAD as ever.

Windows Phone has no sense of color combinations. The screen is full of black, white, red, green and blue text – a terrible combination that hurts the eyes (screenshots below). 

The demo also produces overwritten text, overwritten windows at times. A buggy demo?  Or a Windows Phone bug?

Microsoft should have at least used better colors for the demo. This bad UI is unlikely to motivate any iPhone or Android users to switch.

Fire truck red tiles – the worst color possible.
Sharp edged tiles with mismatched sizes – a jumbled up screen.

More black with red and white fonts, some grey. Looks bad.

The overlapped, overwritten text. A Windows Phone demo bug?

Ugly shades of red via Windows Phone