January 18, 2012

Amazon DynamoDB Database Service, $15 per month

Amazon DynamoDB database service, $15 per month.

DynamoDB is Amazon’s new database service, which takes away the headaches of building the database infrastructure for your apps. DynamoDB offers database as a service, its capacity can be scaled up and down dynamically based on your app needs, without limits. With DynamoDB, there is no need to deal with the complexities and cost of putting together the database infrastructure for your apps.

DynamoDB provides a high-performance, low-latency NoSQL database that can be scaled dynamically. You only pay for the database capacity provisioned (number of reads and writes per second, size of items) and the usage. The database capacity can be changed anytime.

DynamoDB’s cost for running a small app, approximately $15/month
            10 units of Write capacity = ($0.01/hour) * (720 hours/month) = $7.20 per month
            50 units of Read capacity = ($0.01/hour) * (720 hours/month) = $7.20 per month
            1 GB of Indexed data = $1 per month

            1 GB Data-In = $0 per month
            1 GB Data-Out = $0 per month

Total = $15.20 per month

1 unit of Write capacity = 1 Write/second * 1 KB item
1 unit of Read capacity = 1 Read/second * 1 KB item

DynamoDB should be very useful for new apps and a great alternative for Oracle and other traditional databases.

DynamoDB uses SSD’s to store data for fast performance. Werner Vogel describes DynamoDB.

Other database as a service options from Amazon –
  • RDS, Relational Database Service – when a relational database is required
  • SimpleDB, for small workloads that do not require the scale up.

Amazon introducing DynamoDB

And a cute DynamoDB 404 page, for DynamoDB agreement - the page does not seem to have been updated yet.

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