January 24, 2012

OneHourPerSecond, Inane Stats from YouTube

OneHourPerSecond, inane stats from YouTube.

YouTube periodically likes to share its impressive growth. The latest - Every second one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube – is at OneHourPerSecond.

About 14 months ago it was 35 hours of video per minute are uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube has grown 1.7x in 14-months (for uploads). Not bad.

The stats are impressive. But, to keep them in perspective – 3,600 live IP cameras upload as much video to the Internet as all of YouTube. And, there are millions of such IP cameras in use already – making them 1000x bigger than YouTube (and more).

(stats can prove anything)

While Panasonic and Axis IP cameras lead the market, there are many others including Logitech, Mobotix, Sony, Cisco and others. The cameras are used for video security, live video marketing and other uses.

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