January 24, 2012

Real Big Data in Sequencing, Roche Offers to Acquire Illumina

Real Big Data in gene sequencing, Roche offers to acquire Illumina.
Illumina MiSeq Personal Sequencer enables personal genome sequencing. Illumina also runs EveryGenome, an individual genome sequencing service.

Per Roche 
Together, the capabilities of Roche’s Diagnostics Division and Illumina, a leading provider of integrated systems for DNA sequencing, will strengthen Roche’s position in Sequencing and Microarrays to address the growing demand for genetic/genomic solutions. In addition, Roche’s extensive diagnostics experience and global presence will help accelerate the transition of DNA sequencing into clinical and routine diagnostics. DNA sequencing is expected to help to discover complex biomarkers that could become companion diagnostics and be paired with specific treatments in the long-term.
Illumina’s competitor – Life Ion Torrent PGM.

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