January 29, 2012

Udacity’s Free Online Class: CS101, Build a Search Engine in 7 Weeks

Udacity’s free online class: CS101, build a search engine in 7 Weeks.

Udacity has an awesome model for free, online education.

After the phenomenal success of Stanford’s AI-Class – a free, online class that attracted 100,000+ students and inspired other free classes from Stanford, Sebastian Thrun’s Udacity is on a mission to offer more free online computer science classes.

The first ones
  • CS101 – Building a Search Engine, in seven weeks
  • CS373 – Programming a Robotic Car, in seven weeks

Udacity’s FAQ gives the details about enrolling for the two classes, which start on Feb 20, 2012.

Here is a really cool video of Google’s self-driving car. With CS373, you could similarly build your own automated car.

Sergey Brin, for Udacity, sharing the importance of computer science education.

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