February 6, 2012

Google’s Screenwise Plugin, Get Paid to Browse by Google

Google’s Screenwise plugin, get paid to browse by Google.

Signup for Screenwise or at the link above if you have an invite already.

Google’s Screenwise is a new plugin for Chrome. You get a $5 Amazon giftcard for installing the plugin and then an additional $5 every 3 months if you continue to use the plugin.

Google will pay you a total of $25 if you keep using the plugin for a year (or $30 as Google’s ad below states).

In turn, Google’s plugin will track your activity on all the sites that you visit. Presumably, with Screenwise, Google can track your Facebook activity, Amazon activity and activity on other sites that require login and which were not trackable by Google earlier.

Given the languages on the invitation page, Google Screenwise seems to be targeted to both English and Spanish speaking population.

Google Screenwise Panel is administered by Knowledge Networks.

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