February 10, 2012

Lumosity, Improve Your Brain with Online Brain Games

If you are looking to improve your brain, train your brain to perform better then Lumosity’s cool online service is for you. Lumosity promises to improve your brain with online brain games and brain training.

Lumosity ad, Free Brain Grade Test

Lumosity provides a truly addicting set of brain tests and training to help your brain perform better. You have to try them to see how addicting it can be.

Lumosity’s free brain grade test is a part of the product. The free assessments, a range of quick brain tests, can tell you which areas do you need to work on.

Lumosity pricing (after the free trial period) is $15 per month. Brain training like Lumosity is important for everyone and for all ages.

Lumosity ad, Improve your Brain

Per VentureBeat, 20 million people have signed up for Lumosity. No word on daily active users or how many are paying users.

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