February 7, 2012

A University Reduces Tuition, Blip or Trend

University of Charleston reduces tuition, a blip or beginning of a trend.

Per CNNMoney 
After seeing enrollment decline for the first time in a decade, the University of Charleston, in West Virginia, slashed tuition by 22% for the upcoming school year hoping to entice more students.
And on how the University was able to reduce tuition 
We have a faculty-sharing program, which is a new initiative for this upcoming year. We'll share professors between five schools to teach certain subjects. We also have a fast-track program, and 35% of the students who come to our school and stay earn a degree in three years instead of four or enroll in graduate school. That means students can replace a year of tuition with a year of income.
And which other Universities are likely to reduce tuition 
Schools like us who are second-tier educational institutions. Not Harvard, not the University of Pennsylvania. Schools that already have high rates of financial aid and are willing to market the price over the discount and change the way they operate.
The top Universities will keep increasing their tuitions as before perhaps until they price everyone out of the market. The tuition reduction does not look like the beginning of a trend, yet.

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