February 29, 2012

Use Apple Mac as a Security Camera with Orbicule Witness

Use Apple Mac as a Security Camera with Orbicule Witness.

You can run Orbicule Witness software on your Mac to turn it into a security camera. The software provides motion-detection using the Mac’s iSight camera. On detecting motion, it will alert you and also capture photos of the scene. You can also remotely view photos being taken by the camera in near real-time.

The Witness software costs $40.

Witness provides rudimentary video surveillance capabilities and may be useful on occasion.

The main drawback of Witness – you have to leave your Mac running to monitor the scene. And a bad guy may walk off with the Mac itself.

Alternatives to a Mac-as-security-camera are IP cameras, which provide very robust video surveillance capabilities (including motion-detect and sound-detect) and cost a tiny fraction of the price of a Mac. The IP cameras also run 24/7 (no need to leave a Mac running) and are small enough to be placed anywhere including indoors, outdoors, on the roof etc. Popular ones include Panasonic and Axis IP cameras such as the Panasonic BL-C230.

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