February 10, 2012

What is Google Chrome Installer Error 3?

If you saw Google Chrome Installer Error 3 while installing or upgrading Chrome keep reading. Google’s philosphy here seems to be - why display the cause of the error in a single page when it can be displayed in three.

Here are the three pages you’ll encounter.

First, the Chrome Installer Error 3 message (the cause could have been described here)

Which leads you to a second page, which has no useful information. It asks you to click again.

Which leads you to a third page that has the useful information - If Chrome is already installed on your computer, there is no need to download it again.

Other than odd quirks like these and the Chrome DNS lookup failed error (if you haven’t fixed it already), Chrome remains the best browser for PC’s.

Chrome for Android is also available now and hopefully (someday) Chrome for iOS will bring the Chrome experience to iOS devices also.

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