March 2, 2012

Asset Classes With Best and Worst Returns In 2007-2012

Asset classes with best and worst returns in 2007-2012.

Source: DB, Bloomberg via FT Alphaville

The Best – Gold, Silver, Brent WTI
The Worst – Greece Athex, Stoxx600 Banks, Irish Overall, S&P500 Fins

What is missing is Apple stock which is an asset class in itself.

Per FT, 
Gold reaps the largest return. As Warren Buffet recently pointed out, the main feature of the commodity is not that it can be used for anything productive, but rather that it feeds off of fear and people’s belief that there will always be scaredy cats. Bit depressing really. And you must go read the Sage’s take on it in full if you haven’t already.

To the pile of gold, add some silver, and then oil which benefited from various supply disruptions. In addition to that, the commodities received a boost from the liquidity that evacuated risky assets over the course of the crisis.

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