March 23, 2012

Citrix ShareFile, Share Large Files Online

Citrix ShareFile, share large files online.

Do you need to send a large file online? Citrix’s ShareFile service provides a good option. With ShareFile, you can send files up to 10 GB.

The catch – it is an expensive service. As the pricing above shows, sending files upto 5 GB will cost $30, while sending a 10 GB file will cost $60.

Even with its high cost, ShareFile is a much-needed service and should be very useful. Sending large files today is very cumbersome. Most free and paid file sharing services put a limit on the size of the file e.g. Box with a 2 GB limit. With ShareFile you can send large files easily. ShareFile is an alternative to ftp among others.

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Compare ShareFile to Amazon S3, the cloud storage backend used by many web services. The cost to send a 10 GB file with S3 (one-time)

            Storage:           $0.125 per GB per month * 10 GB = $1.25 per month
            Data Transfer:  $0.12 per GB  * 10 GB = $1.20

Total Cost = $2.45

Each additional transfer will incur additional data transfer costs.

And, for those wondering which apps generate large files? HD video is one such app.

The size of a 30 min HD video (1920x1080 @ 18 Mbps) is about 4 GB.

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