March 4, 2012

Does Via.Me App Work on the iPad?

Does RadiumOne’s Via.Me app work on the iPad?

RadiumOne’s Via.Me enables you to easily share your photos, videos, audio and text online – all popular activities needed to keep in touch with your social network. 

Via.Me is a free app on the Appstore.

A unique feature of Via.Me is that all shares done via mobile are also published on the web, at homepage. This produces an interesting timeline of all the sharing activity and makes it easy to browse through them. For users who are sharing, it also broadens the reach of each share compared to apps such as Instagram.

Via.Me’s UI on the web will remind you of Pinterest and Chill.

Via.Me is seeing a lot of activity currently. While most of the early users seem to be friends and family of the company, the app should be able to attract a broader base of users.

Does Via.Me work on the iPad?

Via.Me has a few rough edges right now – the home page does not display correctly on the iPad. Instead of displaying a photo of the share, a blank slot is displayed.

And, the app does not seem to have filters against bad content. A few users are posting bad content, which shows up right on the home page. The developers should be able to add filters against such activity.

Overall, the app is easy to use and should develop a good following. It is worth trying it out.

RadiumOne, an ad network, is growing by launching apps such as PingMe and Via.Me which help build its ShareGraph which in turn is used for better ad targeting.

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