March 21, 2012

How to Fix AirPlay Performance Issues

How to fix AirPlay performance issues.

With AirPlay you can stream content - audio, video, photos - wirelessly from your iOS device or iTunes computer to AirPlay compatible speakers or TV (via Apple TV).

If AirPlay doesn’t work at all follow Apple’s suggested steps at use AirPlay or AirPlay Mirroring to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you are seeing performance issues with AirPlay - such as jitter (frequent breaks in playback) or significant lag - per Apple, it may be because of a weak or bad WiFi connection.

To fix the AirPlay performance issues, follow steps to improve the WiFi signal to both the sender (iOS device or computer) and the receiver (Apple TV).

Apple gives good tips on how to improve your WiFi signal and how to setup your WiFi router. You can also find other good tips on the Internet, search for “how to improve your WiFi signal”.

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