March 19, 2012

Instagram vs Path vs Which Photo-Sharing App is the Most Popular?

Instagram vs Path vs Which photo-sharing app is the most popular?

Instagram, Path and are all popular photo sharing apps. A (unscientific) test to find out which one is the most popular.

Each app allows a user to tweet its photo, activity.

Use the number of tweets from each app as a proxy to find its popularity – measure the number of tweets from each app over a 10-minute interval. 

Tweets over 10 minutes

                        Afternoon                      Evening

Instagram         140                               160

Path                 102                               140              94                                115

Tweets measured on March 19, 2012.

Instagram is still the most popular but its tweets do not reflect its 25 million users. Are users not tweeting with Instagram as much?

As the tweets show, both Path and are catching up to Instagram quickly.

To perform the test yourself
  • copy-paste the above twitter-search links in three separate windows
  • initiate all three twitter-searches at the same time
  • wait for 10 minutes
  • find the number of tweets generated

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