March 16, 2012

Learn New Languages Easily, Pimsleur Approach

Learn new languages easily, Pimsleur Approach.

Pimsleur Approach promises that you can learn to speak a new language in only 10 days. The method – language courses on audio CDs for $10.

Simon & Schuster publishes Pimsleur products. And, Internet Orders sells them with its very effective  “language professors hate him” ads (above).

A creative Pimsleur Approach video gave an overview of the language courses, how to learn a new language in 10 days. The video, unfortunately, is not available anymore (screenshot below)

Alternate systems to learn a new language include the popular Rosetta Stone, whose prices range from $160 (learn language online) to $400 for CDs.

Four Hour Work Week also has an interesting take with Master Any Language in 1 Hour.

Pimsleur Approach, video not available

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