March 30, 2012

List of Apple UDID Alternatives

Apple has deprecated UDID. Now instead of a single universal ID, there are a myriad of options for app developers and ad networks. A list of Apple UDID alternatives.
1. Use MAC Address of device.

2. Open Device Identification Number (ODIN mobile)
    by Velti, RadiumOne, JumpTap, mdotm, StrikeAd, Smaato, Adfonic, SAY media

4. OFUID  GREE OpenFeint’s single sign-on.

6. ODID by AppRedeem.

A universal identifier is incredibly useful not just for ads and tracking conversions but to create better experiences for users in apps.

And, Mobile-Ent on why mobile ad networks prefer UDID vs cookies.

Universal ID’s in use for Android devices include AndroidID and IMEI.

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