March 1, 2012

List of Windows Metro Apps With The Best UI

A list of Windows Metro apps with the best UI.

Evernote with Windows Metro UI

The full list at My Favorite Metro Apps compiled by Mike Kruzeniski.

The Metro UI’s splash of colors (in the tiles) gives it a garish look – the look of a cheap Las Vegas casino. The Metro UI hurts the eyes and every app suffers from it. And, when the Metro apps use dark colors – black, orange, etc – it is even worse e.g. check the Kindle or ESPN app in the list above.

Even the Evernote app, the best in the list above, suffers from an excessive use of green. Is there really a need to pour a green paint bucket on every tile?

Another example – compare the UI of rdio app on Android with that on Metro (below). Which one do you like better?

Rdio with Windows Metro UI

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