March 9, 2012

Upgrade Your Battery Mobile Ad for SMS411, Is it Useful?

What do iPhone and Android phones need the most? A battery with higher capacity that will let you use the phone for longer times before recharging.

The “upgrade your battery” mobile ad for SMS411 implies that it can help.

The “upgrade your battery” is one of the more active mobile ads currently. And it has variations, for example, a “battery life evaluation” ad.

If you click the ad, the message changes. It now implies “your iPhone is slow”. Android users will see a similar Android-customized message (The home page of course shows nothing).

After some more meaningless pages, the final page which shows what the ad is really about.

The ad has nothing to do with extending your battery life. It wants you to enroll in a $9.99/mo SMS service from SMS411. The service will charge you $9.99 each month on a recurring basis.

If you want to extend battery life on Android phones, JuiceDefender and other similar apps may help.

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