March 12, 2012

Why Does College Tuition Keep Increasing

Why does college tuition keep increasing?

Salaries for professors are rising, rapidly. 
Universities have responded vigorously to escalating student demands for elite degrees. Their main strategy has been to bid more aggressively for the most distinguished researchers, which explains not only the rapid salary growth for top faculty members in the last several decades, but also the fact that teaching loads at many elite schools have decreased by more than 25 percent.
Other factors also contribute to the rapidly rising college tuitions such as spending on college sports and services

The main problem with rising college tuitions, the results are not there for students. The starting salaries for most graduates have stayed stagnant. 
After adjusting for inflation, starting salaries for most graduates have remained essentially stagnant for several decades, while those at the bottom of the group have actually declined. Only the highest-paid graduates have enjoyed significant salary growth, and among those a very thin slice at the top has seen truly spectacular increases.
Higher education has to move to an Udacity like model for it to be truly useful and meaningful.

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