April 12, 2012

Flip a Quantum Coin Online 50 Times and You Get

Flip a quantum coin online 50 times and you get …

26 head, 24 tails.  While this is not exactly 25/25, if you continue flipping the quantum coin more, you’ll get heads and tails 50% of the time.

This is also a simple experiment to demonstrate probability online.

You can try the real-time quantum coin online yourself – use 1 for head, 2 for tail as shown above.

  • Sets of numbers – 50
  • Minimum number – 1  (head)
  • Maximum number – 2 (tail)

Currently, you can generate up to 50 random numbers at a time.

This fast quantum random number generator comes from Australian National University.

ANU, on how the quantum random numbers are generated - 
We do this by splitting a beam of light into two beams and then measuring the power in each beam.  Because light is quantised, the light intensity in each beam fluctuates about the mean.  Those fluctuations, due ultimately to the quantum vacuum, can be converted into a source of random numbers. Every number is randomly generated in real time and cannot be predicted beforehand.

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