April 5, 2012

How to Get Pure Water at Home, Office

How to get pure water at home and the office?  These creative ads for water purifying products will tell you how.

These products purify tap water in your home and office to give you pure, clean, great-tasting water. They eliminate the need for bottled water.

Most of the products include combination of ultraviolet purification (UV), reverse osmosis (RO) and multi-stage water filtration.

Quench (above) supplies water products to Coca-Cola, FedEx and others.

Aquasana: Crisp, Clean, Great-Tasting Water

Aquasana water filters provide drinking water and purified water for daily use.

Watts Premier, Purify Your Water

Watts Premier, RO Water Filters

BRITA Hydration Station, Great-Tasting Water

BRITA - filtered water away from home. At the office, school and others.

Water filter comparisons to learn which water filters are the best.

A comparison of water ionizers by IonizerResearch.

While it may not always be required in other countries, water filters for drinking water are a must in India.

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