April 16, 2012

Intel Anti-Theft Service for Laptops, Remotely Lock a Laptop

Intel anti-theft service for laptops, remotely lock a laptop.

Like for other mobile devices, an anti-theft service for laptops is a much-needed, long-awaited service. Intel anti-theft service aims to meet this need.

Intel’s anti-theft service can

  • Remotely lock a PC (if the bad guy uses the PC to access the Internet, the service will lock the PC) or
    auto-lock the PC if the PC does not communicate with Intel’s service for a set number of days.
  • Encrypt all data placed in a secure folder, so it cannot be accessed by anyone else.

In typical Intel fashion, Intel makes the service incredibly hard to use. Check it out at the link above. The anti-theft service has to be purchased (?) – standalone, or as part of a new PC (no price given).

Similar services for other mobile devices include Apple’s Find My iPhone and a long list of anti-theft services for Android.

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