April 12, 2012

Is Instagram’s Main Competitor Now Path or Via.me?

Is Instagram’s main competitor now Path or Via.me?

Instagram, Path, Via.me Usage Stats

Instagram, Path and Via.me compete as photo apps.

A check of photo apps usage stats a few weeks back (pre-Facebook) showed Instagram leading Path and Via.me by a good margin. Twitter postings were used as a proxy to get an idea of usage.

The “Facebook acquires Instagram” news is said to have boosted Instagram’s use even further.

Does that reflect in Instagram Twitter postings as compared to Path and Via.me?

A check of tweets over a 10 min period shows (screenshot above)

Instagram   180 tweets
Via.me        160 tweets
Path            129 tweets

Tweets measured on April 12, 2012, 20:10 UTC.

Instagram still leads but by a smaller margin.

The surprising change, now, Via.me seems to be more popular than Path and by a significant margin.

Instagram’s main competitor used to be Path. But, now it seems, it will be Via.me.

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