April 24, 2012

LNG Export Terminals in US for Exporting Natural Gas

A fantastic opportunity today - natural gas prices in Japan are 8x higher than US prices. To export US natural gas to Japan (and other countries), you need to liquefy it and ship in LNG tankers. These are the potential LNG export terminals in the US.

LNG export terminals in US via EIA

Currently, natural gas is plentiful in the US. Compared to the current low natural gas prices in the US, natural gas is quite expensive in rest of the world. For example, natural gas prices in Japan are 8-times higher than in the US (In Japan, natural gas is being used extensively for electricity generation post-Fukushima).

This creates a fantastic opportunity to export natural gas from the US to other countries. If you want to export natural gas from the US, you’ll need approval from the Federal government and a liquefaction facility for natural gas.

The LNG export terminals in the US – Sabine Pass, Freeport, Lake Charles, Cove Point, Jordan Cove, Cameron, Gulf Coast and others.

And, Wikipedia lists LNG terminals worldwide.

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